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Card Case


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What you get

Standard TapMo Card without any customization

One TapMo Card

Get a TapMo Card in PVC or Metal material with customizable or standard design.

The card will be tagged with your digital card, allowing you to share your business contacts as well as business details with a single tap.

-NFC enabled ntag213, 13.56 MHZ speed

Multiple Sharing Options

The TapMo Card allows its user to share their contact details in a number of ways. If receiver have an NFC enabled smartphone, user can just tap their card only. If receiver have a non NFC smartphone, user can share their contact details with QR codes.

The URL will help, if they are sharing offline, such as in text messages, whatsapps, and emails.

Customizable Digital Card

One page that allows your customers to easily and quickly save your business contact information without typing or speaking.

Page containing all of the information you want to share with your customers, such as contact information, social media business pages, product information, portfolios, product images, and so on. Users can also see how many times their web profile has been viewed.

Real Time Update

With a single admin panel, you can manage your business card as well as all of your employees' business cards.

Update all of the information, such as contact information, social media pages, theme colour with brand logo, products and services details, upload your product images, and so on, and everything will be updated in real time.