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The Future of
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Effortlessly share your contact & socials with anyone else!

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We have delivered superior-quality NFC business cards in bulk to top Indian MNCs.

Go contactless in 3 easy steps!

Forget about swapping and sharing thousands of business cards. TapMo NFC enabled digital business cards are a new and revolutionary technology that allow you to transmit your contact details, socials etc. into any other smartphone with NO app needed.


Create a NFC Business card within minutes. We'll help you make the right design decisions and we'll print and ship your card in a 2 day.


Get your own secure online digital card profile, allowing you to connect with your NFC card and use it in any way you’d like.


TapMo lets you share your business profile and contact information with anyone without the need of app.

Free Digital Card included with your NFC Business cards.

We provide the capability to generate a custom business profile link, allowing you to easily share your business information on social media, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Our solution helps you maximize your business reach, ensuring your details are seen by the widest possible audience.

Just Tap and Share

Experience the benefits of a smart business card with NFC.

About TapMo India

Welcome to TapMo India, where innovation meets versatility in the realm of NFC business cards. At TapMo India, we're pioneering a revolution in professional networking by providing a diverse array of NFC business solutions, including metal, wooden, standee, and PVC NFC cards. Our mission is to redefine how professionals connect and share their information, leveraging the power of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to streamline the exchange of contact details.

Our flagship product, the TapMo Card, is available in a variety of materials to suit every style and requirement. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of our metal NFC cards, the organic appeal of our wooden options, the versatility of our standee cards, or the durability of PVC, TapMo India has the perfect solution to make your professional exchange memorable and impactful.

Designed for seamless integration with any NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet, the TapMo Card ensures that sharing your digital business card is as simple as a tap. This instantaneous exchange not only provides immediate access to your contact information but also showcases your commitment to innovation and sustainability.

TapMo India caters to a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals seeking to make a lasting impression at networking events to businesses looking to enhance their brand presence with unique and customizable NFC business cards. Our products are designed for universal compatibility, ensuring that whether your contacts are using an iPhone or an Android device, they can effortlessly receive and store your information.

Beyond our comprehensive range of NFC cards, TapMo India is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with NFC technology. Our NFC business card app facilitates easy management and updating of your digital cards, ensuring that your information remains accurate and accessible.

But at TapMo India, we believe in more than just functionality. We champion sustainability by offering products that reduce the need for traditional paper business cards, contributing to a greener, more sustainable world of professional networking.

Join us at TapMo India, and be part of a networking revolution. With our extensive selection of TapMo Cards, including metal, wooden, standee, and PVC options, we're setting new standards in how professionals connect, share, and engage with each other in the digital age.