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Grow your business with TapMo Smart Business Card

India's First Smart NFC Business Card

What you get:
  • NFC Enabled Smart Card
  • Customizable Online Digital Profile
  • Backend Portal to Manage Details on Digital Profile
  • Lifetime Validity

NFC White Metal Business Card

₹1,999.00 ₹2,399.00

Embrace the future of networking and business cards with Tapmo's white metal NFC business cards, and unlock a world of possibilities in the digital age.  

Discover the advantages of Tapmo's white metal NFC business cards:

1. Distinctive First Impression: Make a lasting impression with a unique white metal business card that stands out from traditional paper cards.

2. Premium Quality: Our white metal cards are crafted with precision and durability, reflecting the high standards of your business.

3. NFC Technology: The integrated NFC chip allows you to share digital information seamlessly by simply tapping the card to NFC-enabled devices.

4. Tech-Savvy Image: Showcase your innovative approach and tech-savviness by embracing NFC technology in your networking.

5. Enhanced Interaction: NFC-enabled cards facilitate easy sharing of contact details, websites, portfolios, and more, enhancing your interactions with clients and partners.

6. Memorability: These unique cards are more likely to be remembered, helping you stand out in a sea of traditional business cards.

7. Convenience: NFC technology eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and ensuring accuracy when exchanging information.

8. Networking Efficiency: Share social media profiles, websites, and other online resources instantly, streamlining the networking process.

9. Innovative Branding: Tap into the power of innovation to reinforce your brand's identity and forward-thinking approach.

10. Conversation Starter: The uniqueness of your NFC-enabled card can serve as an excellent conversation starter, sparking interest and engagement.

11. Tech-Driven Marketing: Utilize NFC technology to link your card to promotional content, videos, or special offers, enhancing your marketing efforts.

12. Eco-Friendly Choice: Opt for a sustainable option with metal cards that have a longer lifespan than traditional paper cards.


Why Us
❌ No App Needed!

The other person does not need an App or a Tapmo to receive your information.

🌳 Sustainable, ethical and renewable: Instead of having hundreds of paper business cards, one Tapmo card - for all of your networking and connecting purposes. Packaging made from recycled materials that take little from the earth but give back a lot.

📱 Compatible with iPhone & Android devices

Tapmo boasts compatibility with almost all devices.
For information regarding supported devices, check tapmo.in/compatible-devices.

For special and more detailed processing, background design, and layout send an email to our design team: design@tapmo.in
Need Help?

If you want to learn more about NFC technology or Digital card simply contact us via call or whatsapp.

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TapMo products are all customizable, printable, and digital, the process takes 1-2 days to complete.

The total shipping time from the day your orders are placed can range between 4 to 5 business days. Standard shipping times apply once your order has been shipped.

You can always visit your order summary page by clicking the link in your confirmation email for more information on the status of your order.


Delivery Time

Delhi NCR

Next day Delivery*

Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad

2 Days via Express Courier

Other State

2-3 Days via Express Courier

Trusted by Industry Leaders

How it Works

Smart NFC Card

Design your NFC card with our design tool or send us your details so we will design your card using your logo and industry. We will send preview for your approval before printing.

Your Online Profile

Our platform generates FREE online profile/website associated with your NFC card. You can alter and update the content at any time by utilizing your TapMo dashboard.

Tap, Share & Save

Share business profile and contact info easily by tapping card on devices. No app needed, saves time and makes connections quickly.

The Only Business Card You Need

Introducing TapMo ⏤a revolutionary smart business card that allows you to exchange contact, collect data, and direct your potential customer, guest, or attendee to the info they need to know!